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Edward Quinn Posted By Edward Quinn, Nov 25, 2012 at 11:17 AM

  1. Edward Quinn

    Edward Quinn
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    Nov 25, 2012
    I needed to replace my wood stove the cast cracked on one side and was leaking we tried a repair but it failed. My brother had an older wood stove he was getting rid of so I took it off his hands it is bigger but was in good shape for an older stove it has the bifolding front doors with a screen and does not use fire brick.

    The problem is my chimney is a Selkirk about 6 years old I have cleaned it out every year and had it inspected 2 years ago by the shop who installed it. They said it was in near perfect condition. It is 8 inch 13 feet to the cap. The issue is the new stove had an 8 inch flue pipe my brother swore it was 6 but hey for free I am not going to gripe. Can I hook the 8 inch to the 8 inch will it even draw should I try and reduce the black pipe to 6" and hook it to the 8 inch will that cause it to back up. This is not a primary heat source I have another fireplace with an osburn insert and an oil burner in the basement this is really just for enjoyment and back up heat if needed.

    It would be a major job to tear out the chimney encloser to up size to a 10" chimney not to mention the cost of all the new chimney.

    Thank you inadvance
  2. webby3650

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    An 8" stove is intended to run on an 8" chimney.
  3. stled

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    Are you sure your not measuring the outside diameter of the pipe, from the looks of the selkirk pipe a 6" flue would have around an 8" outer diameter? There is an inner and outer pipe on an insulated flue.


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