Looking for an outdoor 4x4 Fiberon railing post cap replacement LED light?

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
I believe it is made by Aurora but I heard HomeTops bought them out but still carry their products. I am trying to match the light on the other side so looking for the exact one unless I get 2.
They are low voltage 12 VAC Led lights connected to an ac adapter that go from sim to bright at night but with the photo eye they go from off to on during the day.
They seem to last a long time (about 9 years) and stay bright. Just took 8 hours to install the weather proof AC outlet and another 8 hours to router the post and install the lights!
So I am looking for a Replacement LED for Aurora Post Cap Lights?
See pics below
Looks like it has 4 led lights?

C347D82F-1F07-4A79-911E-4E5E21607881.jpeg 6E677116-1F9F-47F1-9E80-458F2DA9497C.jpeg 5BB77303-3048-4CCB-A5A0-98FE4CB01A2E.jpeg 3846DA2E-DC49-4EA7-91E6-E93AFC279672.jpeg 1914C8AD-4C2D-4334-9E01-12A20E4CAFFE.png
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I found them at Ace Hardware because they sell the whole post cap lights and they could special order the LED replacements. :)
I believe they have Gen 1 and Gen 2 and the Gen 2 versions have more LEDs. These have 4 LEDs and are mounted on a half round base. The Gen 2 is on a full rounded base but they may fit also.
Anyway $13.59 each is not too bad and good to replace both so the new one is not brighter than the old one. :)





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Isn’t 4x 13.59 the price of a new unit?
There are 4 LEDs on that one replacement card for each post cap light.
So I only have 2 post cap lights so about $27 instead of 2 x $60 = $120 :)