Looking for help with USSC 1330

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Feb 14, 2012
southern NJ
Recently purchased a U.S. stove co. 1330 (supposedly wood only) furnace for a friend trying to heat a workshop. We are having trouble getting a good bed of coals and maintain a consistent temp. This unit looks like it was designed to burn coal or wood as the draft intake is under the grate. It reminded me of my (crappy) old Harman wood/coal boiler. this thing either flies through the wood pile and gets Too hot or just doesn’t get hot enough to keep the room fan going. For a ”wood only” application I would expect draft knobs in the door or some other intake above or level with the flame. I tried blocking off 1/3 of the grate with steel to crate a floor to maintain coals, but this seemed to block too much air from under the fire. Additionally we have a damper in the flue pipe—currently wide open. I’d appreciate any advice from anyone having success with this unit. Thanks.
keep the room fan going.
Wood furnaces are designed to have the circulation fan cycle on /off
Takes a very hot fire to keep the fan running
As to your other question, I am not familiar with that furnace