Looking for info on indoor pellet fueled boilers

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Sep 18, 2008
western pa
Been away for a while, switched out wood stove and put in a coal stove, spending time over at NEPA Coal Pail. Like the title says several years ago my old Crane boiler failed and currently have no central heating, just a coal stove in living room. the house is 100 years old and has large cast iron radiators with single pipe steam supply. The old boiler would drink 5 plus gallons of fuel a day and been holding off buying a new oil boiler, considering a Keystoker coal auger fed boiler but getting close to 70 years old and not interested in lifting coal into the hopper. Just found the Pellergy line of wood pellet boilers and looking for opinions from anyone the is familiar with any type of wood pellet fired boiler. Thank you
Hey there, check out this thread: https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/calling-all-pellet-boiler-owners-how’s-it-going.183643/

we've had our MESys boiler for about a year and love in. Indoor 5ton hopper, system works great and makes great heat. As long as you have an installer and pellet supplier (In our case that's MESys also) then you should be good.

State energy rebates made it possible, then the federal 26% credit was just an added win on top.

End of the thread has a photo of our system and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have going forward.
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