looking for reviews of north star 30 and 37 ton

yooperdave Posted By yooperdave, Nov 13, 2011 at 11:38 PM

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  1. yooperdave

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    Oct 26, 2010
    Michigan's U.P.
    obviously, i decided to pass on the gravely 34-ton...thanks to those who responded on that one.
    now, i'm considering the north star splitters from northern tool-specifically the 30 ton
    and the 37 ton
    http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200326296_200326296?cm_sp=Upsells-_-Top Sellers-_-Product Page

    if anyone has input on these (pro or con) i would appreciate it.

    i am also considering the iron and oak line...the 26 ton h/v and the 30 ton horz. iron and oak only has a one year warranty.
    the north star 30 ton would come with a 3 year warranty (added purchase) 4 way wedge, assembly and hyd fluid all included to be picked up at store for about $1740. 37 ton would be the same package for about $2025. these both include tax, but i have to drive to the store.
    the iron and oak ships directly to my residence, but i haven't heard from them for all pricing yet i'm thinking the 26 ton h/v would be about $1850 with the robin engine...but only a one year warranty.

  2. mtcates

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    Mar 1, 2010
    Central NC
    I have found that cycle time in a wood splitter is far more important than tons of force. 20 tons is more than enough. A 16 GPM pump and a 4 inch cylinder diameter makes for a strong splitter with a quick cycle time. Just my opinion.
  3. MasterMech

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    Dave it looks like Northern gave you some great pricing! The 37 ton machine without any goodies is currently on sale for $1799 on their website. IMO you're getting a lot more splitter with the 37 over the 30. You get a cylinder upgrade (to 5") and a pump upgrade (to 16gpm) that combine to give you a better cycle time (by far) of 14 seconds. Not down there with Iron & Oak's 12 second time but close. Toss in the upgrade from a GX160 to a GX270 engine and I'd say that $300 price bump is a bargain. I like the idea of the idle down feature too.

    My only criticism of Northern's splitters to date is the wedge design. It is the only machine that I've seen to offer a 4 way on a horz/vert via the bolt-on wings. However, the main wedge itself is made from a softer cast steel (as opposed to Iron & Oak's high-carbon, hardened steel) and is a very narrow, knife-like if you will, design. This will translate into having to run the cylinder/wedge full-stroke more often than a wedge with a wider rear section that will "pop" a round earlier in the stroke.

    Iron & Oak may not carry the length of warranty coverage that Northern does but if you get the Robin engine it comes with a 3 year warranty of it's own. (Applies to the engine only.)

    If the 4-way is important to you then that only leaves Northern's splitters for you but with either the 37 ton or Iron & Oak's machine, you're gonna be a happy camper either way.
  4. MarkinNC

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    Oct 3, 2010
    Leicester, NC
    We have aq Northern Tool close to us and the 30 or the 37 ton is what considered as well. I found virtually no information out there on the internet. I have used one that an acquaintance has and they did have the optional 4 way wedge which bolted on. It went through red oak easy and it was not a particularly knotty tree or anything. I think, pound for pound, Northern Tool has the big box stores smoked.
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