Looking for simple gas log controls

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Feb 16, 2021
I am remodeling a small wood fire box to covert to vented gas logs. I want a simple control system that is like the knob on a kitchen gas cook top — just depress the knob to ignite and turn the knob to adjust the flame height. The controls would be mounted outside the firebox at a comfortable height on the face of the framed fireplace enclosure so that I would not have to stoop over to reach into the hearth.

I can’t find what I want and would appreciate any leads. I don’t want a remote (too many already!) or a thermostat (just for occasional ambiance, not heat). A standing pilot would be acceptable, if necessary. AC power can be run in, if needed. A separate flame control valve (standard key type) and a toggle wall switch would be okay, too.


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Dec 2, 2008
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RH Peterson has one. Here is the page from the Real Fyre G46 Model...
It has a standing pilot & a toggle switch to activate the burner...


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