Looking like Shoulder season is month early

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Even if we get a foot of snow now, the ground isn’t frozen. It won’t stay around long.
My pond finally gets to the point that it will start to freeze and accumulate ice, get's to about 4" thick or less in areas....and then it gets warm again, long enough to melt it back down to water.
Well it's Wednesday. This time last year I had about 15" of ice on the pond. I bought string lights to go around the skating/hockey area. They sit in a box untouched. :(
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We had 55 today back in the pines today with some rains with sleet & ice coming in. I'll be scraping down the driveway tomorrow and then sand it the next.

It hasn't been a good year for outside covered rinks up our way, they got a late start and most have closed the doors until it gets colder out.
We did get into the 40s for a bit. Now 20s and strong winds and some snow and basically normal. But still mild considering mid February.

I don’t ski, but the mild winter hasn’t stopped Boyne Mountain. I see them lit up on my way home from work. All but 2 runs are open.
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The places making snow are probably doing fine. I imagine it’s quite the treat to downhill when it’s 40+ outside.

I wonder how the tree tapers are doing. Also, I wonder if it’s been below freezing enough for some of the apple varieties.
Crazy weather , Tues , Wed pushing 40's, Thur. 3-4" snow, 5deg this morning. Sat. - Sun back to the mid 30's+. The company the landlord hired to plow at my shop is lazy as sin. Left 2ft x2ft of snow in front of doors. It was not drifted in after they were here. In all My years of snow plowing( Commercial) I never left a customers doors or walks snowed in. Heck we even dug out the trash boxes. ( each truck had a 3650 toro blower + shovels- no excuses were alowed from the drivers. )