Lopi Answer-95 Door Gasket Diameter Size?

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Feb 7, 2022
Hi everyone,

I am looking to see if anyone knows the correct size diameter door gasket for the Lopi Answer-95? I have done a lot of searching, both on here and google and cannot come away with an absolute of what diameter gasket size I should be using. This wood stove is new to me because of a house purchase and I do have the owner's manual, but the owner's manual only lists the replacement part number, 90-1511. When I search for that part number along with either Lopi or Travis Industries, hits are for 7/8" gasket but also mentions Travis Industries, Lopi, Avalon from a generic gasket replacement. I do find a commercial hit that shows part number 99900406, also a 7/8" gasket size, and only shows Lopi Answer, not specifically the Answer-95. I do understand there have been multiple models of the Lopi Answer, not sure if the gasket size changed over the models.

When I measure the current gasket material, I lightly pull a small section away and measure top to bottom where it doesn't seem compressed, using calipers I get 7/16". That is far smaller than 7/8" and can't believe a 7/8" gasket can fit. However, it appears as if a slightly larger gasket can fit in there than 7/16". I'm hoping someone on here has a Lopi Answer-95 and knows the exact gasket diameter I should be purchasing for replacement as there is a little bit of play when the door is latched shut, maybe 1/16". The handle side of the door appears as the gasket material is compressed a bit much, I know it should be replaced.

Everything actually works really well with the stove and I can get a hot and clean burn with it, no smoke. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide. For attention, a picture from the front of my house the other day after some snow here in the CO mountains.

Lopi Answer-95 Door Gasket Diameter Size?
Lopi uses a proprietary 7/8” gasket. Find your nearest dealer and they should have it.
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All Lopi & Avalon stoves new & old use ⅞ gaskets for the door. You can order it online if there aren't any dealers nearby...
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OK, thank you both. I guess the previous owner had it replaced or replaced with the wrong size door gasket, led to some confusion on my part but I want to make sure and use the proper gasket size.
Update. I did get 7/8" door gasket and installed it per the instructions. I get a nice, snug fit now. Thank you both for helping to clear me up concerning the confusion I had in the door gasket size!
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