Lopi Leyden Venting issues

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New Member
Feb 18, 2023
Meadville, PA
I have had a Lopi Leyden wood stove for 10 years. Fantastic until about a year ago and would not vent properly. Draft is fine (chimney cleaned, cap clear, draws hard when damper open). When in operating mode I have to keep the air vent mostly open to burn. This is a new feature... I always could run it on 2nd or 3rd line out and it would run hot. I replaced the combustor last year, and again it was good for 3 months. Now I am back to the same problem. I have l cleaned out the back, bedside the combustor and vacuumed the combustor to the extent I can. I did not pull the combustor. Anyone try to blow out the combustor or vent passage? Is there a way to access the air flow under the stove? Pull the combustor?


Minister of Fire
Oct 9, 2008
What's the moisture content of your wood? Has it been split and stacked for at least a year before trying to burn it?