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mkloter Posted By mkloter, Aug 5, 2013 at 4:03 PM

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  1. mkloter

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    Aug 5, 2013
    Central Massachusetts

    First house, first pellet stove. After reading a lot of great posts here and shopping around I have purchased a Lopi Leyden pellet stove that currently sits on an existing hearth/chimney.

    The flue on the hearth is dedicated 6" stainless lined that was used originally with a wood stove (previous owners) that is about 14ft tall. The chimney is masonry (Stone) with two flues and sits inside the thermal envelope of the house surrounded by an open kitchen/dining/living room with vaulted ceilings. (Central Mass) The flue has good draft, with 80 deg temp inside and out it still has enough draft to extinguish a lighter 1" from the mouth of the opening.

    My question:
    is about venting it into the existing 6" stainless flue. The Lopi manual requires the standard L vent all the way to the roof for every installation save a class A chimney which it can be adapted directly to. However they do not show a condition in the manual where the chimney is indoors the assumption is always an exterior chimney. I asked 3 local dealers if I can vent to the existing 6" with the Lopi, the responses I got were:

    Definately yes
    Definately no and we can charge you $900 to install a 4"
    Probably yes

    I was originally assuming it needs to be 4" as to keep the velocities high enough to expel ash but again the manual states that it can be adapted to a 6" class A chimney.

    So now I am confused

    Yes/Or no, I was hoping someone with more experience has an answer or advice, I want to do this correctly and safely but I want to avoid spending an extra $400 on 4" L-Vent to reline the flue if it is not needed.

  2. The Maine Stove Guy

    The Maine Stove Guy
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    Jul 31, 2013
    Bangor, Maine
    Hi MK,
    If you look on pages 17-19 of the manual you will find several installation diagrams showing different connections to chimneys. The common factor is they all show reducing the venting size to 4" using a liner and/or pellet vent. The rule of thumb when interpreting an installation manual is that if it's not in there..don't do it.
    That doesn't mean it may not function fine, it just means it has never been tested that way. If you were to talk to Lopi directly they would tell you to re-line down to 4inch. What it means to you is that if you have an issue with the stoves operation the first thing tech support will question is if it is vented properly (i.e. per the manual). The first thing they will want done is to install the venting as specified in the manual before other trouble-shooting occurs.
    The other issue with going outside the manual is that if you ever had a fire (god forbid) your insurance company may say it was improperly installed and fight paying you on a claim. It's best to install it as the manufacturer requires.

    Warm Regards,
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