Lotsa fines in recent batch of Marth pellets (Upper Midwest)

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Feeling the Heat
Apr 27, 2012
Southeast Wisconsin
I picked up a couple tons of Marth Pellets from my local Menards this fall and have found them loaded with fines. Also, the skids are stacked pretty loosely, possibly because of the quality of the pellets. Some of the skids I saw in the yard had stacks of bags that were leaning so they looked like they'd topple over if disturbed.
Marth pellets have always been dusty, but to me, it looks like the product is being shipped with a lot of residual moisture. I cold-started my boiler this week and got a lot of steam coming out of the exhaust. Menards keeps its pellets under cover, so I doubt that they picked up the moisture in the yard. Also, they move a lot of pellets here, so the product doesn't sit around at length.

More recently I picked up some Indecks from Menards, a much better choice this fall.
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A little follow-up on Marth: I went through 2 tons of these pretty quickly. They didn't seem to generate as much heat as they did in the past. I wouldn't recommend them.
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