Love My New Blaze King Ashford 30

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Oct 20, 2018
North East Pennsylvania
Ok, I am new to this site but not to burning. In twenty years I've had three stoves. A Waterford Leprechaun, Harmon Oakwood, and a Vermont Casting Vigilant coal Stove. The coal stove was great for heat but terribly dusty and the fly ash was aggravating my sons asthma so it had to go. After weeks of research I purchased the Blaze King Ashford 30 which I am currently using. It is the shoulder season here in Pennsylvania and so for up to this point the stoves performance is amazing. I would say that it performs much like Old Dusty my coal stove accept with out the dust or the racking. Pretty simple, first establish a good bed of coals. When the stove reaches active cat temp, pack it with dry wood, close the bypass set the thermostat and forget about it for 8 to 10 hours. Trust me, when you go check the stove, there will still be a heavy bed of coals. So just reload it set the therm and go to bed. Don't let the price frighten you it's worth it. You'll recoup the expense in efficiency by burning less wood and save on labor. So for the shoulder season here in Pa, temps in the 50s 40s during the day and night temps 40s 30s the performance is exemplary. Aesthetically, the stove is beautiful. Fits perfectly in my 100 year old home. I will certainly post an up date in January/February. Thank You all as I did a lot of research on this site.
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You can go much lower than that for shoulder season burns. 10 hours is a short burn for that stove! I think Ashful has one that he runs on low with 24 hours between reloads all year.
I believe with those temps and that stove you can get way more burn time than 10 hrs if you dial it lower. Of course unless you have a high heat demand to keep the house warm.
@BURNard I laughed when I saw your screen name, good luck with the ashford, did you get the blower kit?
Oh, I figured it was because they came in 2 and 3 CF fireboxes, but that makes sense too.

It is called a 20 or 30 based on 2.0 and 3.0 firebox size. Burn time has nothing to do with it.
Blaze King makes an Ashford 20 as well smaller unit 20hr burn time.

Yes I know... I have a Sirocco 20 which as I said is a 2.0 firebox size and not a 20 hour burn time......
Yes I did. Works very well. Noisy on high but tolerable.

Try running the blower on a lower setting. Mine is almost unnoticable and still moves a lot of heat. You might want to peruse the BK thread.