Low and Slow on Blaze King Ashford

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New Member
Nov 1, 2023
Seattle WA
Is there anything wrong with running the Ashford with ultra low temperature like 250-300 for a long time ? Obviously, CAT is not engaged at that temperature and the bypass is open. We don't need a lot of heat at this time of the year and dialing it all the way down to get super low temperature is very tempting to keep it running.

The wood is smoking slowly inside the stove and our neighbors may think we are smoking meat, low and slow... However, I don't see any smoke coming off the chimney since it is not a lot be visible.

I can see two things can go wrong if we do this but I am not sure:
1. Smoke build up in the CAT can damage it
2. Smoke build up in the chimney pipes. We need more frequent cleaning.
3. Upset the neighbors because the wood is being deliberately smoldered cause excess smoke in the area. On top of that it's burning so cold the smoke doesn't rise up and away like it normally does, it will stick close to the ground.
Yes, everything is wrong with that.

The lowest burn that is safe is keeping the cat just in the active range with the bypass closed.

Anything else is bad for your neighbors, and dangerous to your home. Build up of creosote is happening quickly, and may ignite the next time you are burning with some flames and an open bypass.
And igniting creosote is a chimney fire, and those are know to have a good probability of burning your home down.
It is illegal to operate a EPA wood heater other than as outlined in the Owner's Manual. So when the neighbor complains, there is the slightest chance an enforcement action by WA Department of Ecology.

You may also damage your stove. Shut down the stove and use an alternative source of heat, as you indicated, it marginally needed at this time.