Low Flame on Heatilator

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Nov 15, 2017

I was hoping for some direction on a problem that we are having with our Heatilator NG fireplace. Model CD4236IR-C

To make a long story short, we were having issues a while back with the flame not starting. Service was called and they replaced the pilot assembly. It worked for a bit and then started to act up again. Recently, I replaced the module and it was working great again. Recently, it started to act up in a different way. Now the fireplace lights right up, but after 5 seconds, I hear a clicking noise from the valve assembly that lasts a few seconds. After the clicking noise, the flame in the fireplace goes down to half the size. The flame will never increase. After I turn off the fireplace, I hear a clicking noise again coming from the valve for a few seconds.

Does this sound like the valve needs replaced or can there be another problem?

Sounds like the stepper motor in the valve is "hinky."
It should be a simple bolt on replacement, but I can't be sure...