Mac 110

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Minister of Fire
Jul 23, 2016
I picked up a Mac 110 top handle saw at Trader Days (a flea market here). It was the only thing in the booth that was tool related so I don't think he knew what he had so he only had $5 on it. It has really good compression and acts like it wants to fire. Going to look into a plug and tinker with it. Is it worth buying a new carb worth? Should I just hang it on the wall or is this a good little saw to put a little money into?
That takes me way back! We moved to CT in 1965. Dad bought a McCulloch. Pretty certain it was a Mac 1-10 looking at the list of saws. We used it a lot!

I think it's a better wall hanger. At 10 lbs for just the power head it's twice as heavy as a modern 25cc top handle saw.
I think it's going to be a wall hanger no matter what. My ms170 does all my small work and I don't climb but I think it would be cool if my little wall hanger ran a little just for fun.

Like I said before, it has good compression. I pulled the plug after trying to start it and it was flooded so I know it's getting fuel. Next thing will be to get a new plug and see what that does.