Main loop freeze protection

twitch Posted By twitch, Nov 18, 2009 at 3:20 PM

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    I have a very simple setup with my Solo 30. Boiler room is in the corner of the garage and an air handler in the opposite corner. I only have this one heating loop. When I'm away for a few days I run a small electric heater in the boiler room which is insulated, and it works well. The garage is not heated, and I worry about the piping to the air handler freezing. Here's my possible solution.

    I have an extra zone plumbed in my manifolds that aren't being used. I was thinking of plumbing in a small circulator directly from the source to the return with shutoffs. My thought is that if I close the shutoff on the boiler pump and termovar return, that the new pump will circulate the water in my loop to the air handler and keep it from freezing. Does this sound like a good alternative to tearing my system apart to bypass the termovar?
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