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    Just found your page and I'm really impressed. I'm a bit confused about the type of woodburning product I would need to replace my existing fireplace. The details of my existing unit escape me but It is a fireplace about three years old and was installed new at that time. I purchased it at that time to help heat the basement of out new home but soon found out that it is pretty much useless. For example the blowers on this unit won't move smoke from a cigarette at 12 inches. It is what I would call a "zero clearance" fireplace since it is built into a framed wall. I will get the manufacturer's details tomorrow. My question is "What type of woodburner would be best for me; freestanding- or another fireplace w/ better blower system.?" My wood is virtually free and my propane is far from free. Any input would be appreciated.


    Mark- you're right. Many of those "builder boxes" (low-cost prefabs) don't do the job. Your choices are very limited- since not all inserts or stoves can be installed into such a unit. However- some manufacturers do make smaller fireplace stoves which can retrofit your pre-fab. The smaller models from Travis Industries Jotul and others (see them at https://www.hearth.com/prod.html) can do the job. These can be installed into your existing fireplace. If you have the $$- the best way to install them is to run a single wall stainless steel liner up through the existing chimney to the top. This assures a safe job.
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