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    ...........a subject that has been beaten to death and yet still manages to draw interest (at least mine)since there are so many manual lighting stoves still out there and some still being sold such as the Harman PP38+. Add to this the high cost of gel starter .
    After experimenting with all lighting techniques I`ve settled in on what I (me ,me, me) consider the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable (best)method .
    Most (alcohol gel, wax impregnated chips, propane torch ,etc) are good and work just fine but the fastest and cheapest method I`ve discovered is to mix and stir 1 cup of pellets in a plastic mixing vessel (1 lb butter /margarine container)with just enough "odorless" charcoal lighter fluid to dampen the pellets well but not saturate to the point where any extra fluid drains to the bottom of the mixing container. (about 1-1.5 oz ) The pellets will have absorbed enough fluid immediately and there is no need to oversaturate them or waste fluid.
    Be sure the stove is cold with the door wide open and the combustion motor running. Pour dampened pellets in to fire pot and light reasonably soon after so as not to allow any potential vapors to build up. No need to get nervous and rush.
    Actually I had to hold the match to the pellets for a second or two till they caught fire since the vapors are not as volatile as alcohol gel. I then left the door just slightly open and what amazes me is that after only 45-60 seconds I can close the door and be assured the pellets are caught and fully burning strongly and quickly produce heat and is not the trial and error and significantly long wait I usually encounter with the gel and other methods.
    I had no evidence of any smoke or odors during or after startup.
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