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    Hi, We just bought a newly remodeled house with the original 1902 brick chimney. It is not functional for many reasons (mainly soft mortar) We are interested in placing an insert in the firebox and putting in a stainless steel liner. We would like to dismantle the chimney to the roof line and then place a round pipe up from the roof. The fire place is not on the edge of the building and it's a fairly steep roof (8 in 12?) Now for the question is it possible to do this? How will the freestanding pipe meet the chimney liner. Are pipe available in copper (we have copper gutters)?


    This can be done. On way is to install a "roof support" onto the section of insulated chimney. This support has some insulated chimney hanging down below it. This then has a double to single connector on the bottom, which is screwed to the single wall stainless. The roof support is then mounted on top of the chimney structure and additional insulated chimney is added.

    The outside finish is stainless steel, but you could probably have it covered with copper.
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