Materials needed for thru ceiling, roof in pole barn application (?), 8" insulated double-wall already on hand.

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Jun 19, 2014
I'm planning on running a chimney through the roof of my pole barn. 12' ceilings, this would be against wall on eave-end. Metal roof, metal ceiling.

I have about 18' of double wall insulated 8" pipe that came with a used stove I purchased (original owner ran out through wall and up exterior). Would prefer to use as much of this as possible before buying any new pipe. Gable end install not really possible due to door locations.

My questions / concerns:

Given the slope of the roof and the location of the chimney penetration in the ceiling and roof, I can use one single 3" section of the double-wall insulated pipe to penetrate both roof and ceiling. The roof flashing seems pretty straight forward - off the shelf 8" adjustable flashing + storm collar or the high-temp rubber collar (correct?)

However, all of the ceiling mounting brackets / thimbles that I'm looking at seem to assume you are transitioning from a single-wall to an insulated double wall in attic (obv to save money on a normal install).

Since I have all this double-wall insulated already on hand, I was planning on running it from the stove straight up (some radiant heat will be lost from piping, its ok).

What kind of thimble or clearance shield would I need on the chimney penetration for consistent run of 8" double-wall insulated pipe?

Ceiling is metal, insulated batts. Am I just going to have to fabricate something with sheet metal to maintain a 2" clearance around the pipe, or is there an off-the shelf product I can use for this??

Thanks in advance.
Is this class A chimney pipe or just DW pipe? I used a chimney support box between the rafters at the ceiling in my shop that the chimney rests on.
Standard flashing is not designed for metal roofs. There are metal roof-specific flashings that can cope better with the ridges and seams on a metal roof.

Sketch out your plan and post it here along with some pictures of the proposed location.

Highbeam documented his install for the Englander 30NC several years back. That would be a good thread to review.
Revisiting this topic, I have need to identify brand of pipe for installation (prob need a few adapters) No identifying markers so far as I can see.

Looks similar to superpro?

Thank you in advance