Meet with dealer about the pellet insert and install but I still have some questions.

Jakethepup Posted By Jakethepup, Aug 11, 2008 at 5:38 AM

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  1. Jakethepup

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    Aug 3, 2008
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    I had another thread asking questions but I made this thread to give you more information I got at the dealer, and of course I have more questions.

    I meet with the dealer Friday and even through the man was very nice and was a personal person, I did not go ahead and purchase the stove for the following reasons, maybe, I dropped the ball however I want more information from people like you who own and operated their stoves.

    First he was suggesting the Sierria pellet insert, and had two in stock, the model number is EF4001, he had told me on the phone that the insert are rated at 65,000 b.t.u. when I checked the web site it says the stove is 38,000 b.t.u.’s , when I questioned this he told me that this is a replacement model and has a higher output. I asked him if he had the specifications sheet on the stove, and he said that it did not come with one. Sorry but I can’t believe any product is shipped from a factory, either going to a consumer or a dealer would not come with some paper work and spec sheets. Anyway, after getting past this I enquired about the installation of the stove.

    The fireplace I have is brick and masonry it is in the center of the house, and I even took a couple of pictures with me on my GPS so he could see what I had. My question to him would the chimney need to lined , would it need a pipe from the stove all the way up the flue for the exhaust, would it also need another pipe, down the flue and connected to the stove for outside air? His answers were this, it will not need a pipe running from the exhaust up the whole length of the chimney, that he would run a pipe from the stove up into the chimney, which would be about 5 feet in total. He said there is no need for the outside air pipe that the stove would pull the inside air into the stove and that is all that is needed. He also stated that his insert at home is installed just like this.
    I told the dealer that I wanted to think about this for a couple of days, and that if he had the specs to the stove or a link to the web site that would make me feel a lot better. I let his store still a little bit confused and maybe I am making this more difficult than it need to be.
    Here is where I need your input, does the install sound correct? Does a stove really ship to a dealer without the specifications on the stove, he said he would show me how to run the stove after installation and show me all I need to know about the operation and the cleaning. I want the install to be correct and safe, so if I sound a little bit leery, that is just a gut feeling.
    The amount of the stove and installation also went up to 3500.00 compared to the 3300.00 he quoted over the phone.

    So anymore input or comments would be greatly appricated.
  2. Xena

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    When I was shopping all the new stoves on a dealers floor had
    spec sheets, installation and operation manuals with them.
    I would not purchase a stove if I didn't have access to these. That said,
    most stove MFG's have these materials in downloadable pdf format
    on their web sites.

    The install: I have a free standing pellet stove set in front of a brick fireplace (<<--see my avatar)
    and it is vented up the chimney. I followed the MFG's installation recommendations
    for an install up a masonry chimney. We installed our vent pipe all the way up and capped
    it at the top. Imo this is the right way to do this type of an install. Is your dealers
    way legal? That I do not know but I wouldn't feel comfortable having mine installed
    like that.

    Those are the only two points I can comment on. I'm sure others will
    chime in regarding the other issues. G'luck!
  3. BrotherBart

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    Nov 18, 2005
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