Midwest (OH, IL, IN, WI, MI, IA) Menards pellets on sale


Burning Hunk
Sep 11, 2015
East Canton, Ohio
11% off this week too. My Menards in Massillon Ohio is out of stock, have been the last 3 weeks. 4th time this season. Had Somerset early fall, AWF and Marth (bought a ton, ehh) late fall, then Somerset again in early February. Seems to be a shortage in this area.


Burning Hunk
Oct 12, 2012
Cedarburg, WI
Menards is out of stock all over SE WI right now. They don't know when they'll get more. Multiple managers at stores told me something about the Marth plant in Marathon having problems fulfilling orders.

I usually buy Somersets from a distributor in Iron Ridge, WI every year, but I needed a few bags to tide me over until I want to buy my regular batch from Jeff. I had to call all over just to find a few bags. Fleet Farm, Farm and Fleet, Tractor supply, many are all out.

I found a Home Depot in Mukwonago had limited stock of Green Supremes. Bought what I needed to make it through from them. Maybe Menards will order some skids of Somersets out of KY again if Marth can't provide soon. They used to sell Somersets here.


Feeling the Heat
Apr 27, 2012
Southeast Wisconsin
Wow, I picked up a ton of Marths at Menards' Johnson Creek store on Friday ... now the website says they're out. I think the website said the store had over 20 tons last week.

I got a ton of Somersets from Jeff in Iron Ridge on Saturday. He said he planned on getting more.