mid moe allnighter won't draw right

oliver 1950t Posted By oliver 1950t, Dec 9, 2012 at 11:15 AM

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    Dec 7, 2012
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    We recently bought a house in tenn, so we took our blaze king kmj 302 down there and replaced it here (indiana) with a mid moe. This thing (the mid moe) has something wrong with it, we have to have the door cracked for it to even stay lit. That's with both air intake knobs all the way open, we have run a wire through them and blown compressed air through them, they are open. With the door ajar about an inch or so you can get a good flame going, then shut the door and the fire dies down to nothing. Was wondering if anyone had experimented with taking off the baffle on the inside of the door, it looks like that's what directs incoming air over the glass to keep it clean.
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    What kind of a chimney is this hooked up to?? Is there a good draft in the chimney? Does smoke spill into the room? Sure something hasn't blocked the chimney since the last time it was used?

    The stove you have there is pretty simple and either it works, something is plugged, or your fuel isn't up to par (seasoned well enough).

    What kind of wood are you burning? How long has it been cut/split/stacked?

    Definitely strange


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