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MikeS53 Posted By MikeS53, Feb 3, 2009 at 10:26 PM

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    It is very obvious, that you are happy with your selected axe. I think that it is very good thing, I am happy for you. As I told you before, you DO NOT HAVE to buy the LEVERAXE. It is only an option. I am not taking anything away from you. I hope you to understand that I am willing to correct some writings which are not true.
    The price of the LEVERAXE is what it is. No opinions can change it. In your point of view the price can be high, that is much because of the value of dollar(USD) against euro (EUR) That is something to which I cannot effect. The price itself in euros (EUR) is such that it barely covers my expenses. I am not desperate at all, but somehow sorry for the situation today that puts us to so different positions in money wise. The American goods are very cheap for us in Europe at the moment because of same reason. I am not willing to argue about the price any more, but if you, or somebody else have something else to ask about the LEVERAXE, I will answer and explain willingly, but only to relevant questions.

    No hard feelings :)
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    To be honest Heikki, I don't even know why you are allowed to post here when you're not a paid sponsor (that I'm aware of....). and it's blatantly obvious that the sole reason for your participation here (and in other woodburning-oriented forums) is to sell your axes. You don't offer any advice about firewood, or stoves, or anything else--you just try to promote and sell your over-priced axes.

    As to the rest of your error-filled reply........

    I mentioned that in the US, Fiskars axes have a lifetime warranty--and they do. I never said anything about the warranty for Fiskars axes in Finland as I don't live there and thus it's completely irrelevant. That being said, you "proved" nothing as even the Fiskars website link you provided for Finland states:

    "We have not set any specific warranty periods for our products, since they are used in so many different ways. Any defects caused by defective materials or manufacturing should appear in fairly new products, in most cases during the first year of use. Our warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligence, misuse, insufficient care, or the natural wear of the product. (There is no unlimited warranty, since all materials wear down when used.) Our warranty practice is to replace any product in which defects are detected with a new, similar product or to repair it to become as good as new.

    If any problems occur in the use or properties of our products, please contact your local retailer."

    So what they're saying is if there's a problem with any Fiskars axe due to a manufacturing defect, they will replace it, and, there's no set warranty period. I don't know about you, but in my book that's what one would call a lifetime warranty..........

    You are correct that I was mistaken that the Leveraxe only has a 5 year warranty--as you've stated there is a 10 year warranty on the axe head only, and, that your limited warranty only covers manufacturing defects, not abuse or normal wear and tear. My point in bringing up the warranty issue was that if your axes had a lifetime "no questions asked" warranty where if it breaks you'd replace it for free, that might go a long way in justifying the $300+ price tag on your axe. But, as we know that it NOT the case, your $300+ splitting axe has a ten year limited warranty on the axe head only, whereas the Fiskars $45 splitting axe has a lifetime warranty that covers the axe head, the axe handle, and the axe head to handle joint.

    I am absolutely delighted with my Fiskars Super Splitting axe. I've been splitting wood for 25+ years and have owned several axes, mauls, wedges, etc. The Fiskars SS axe is by far the best splitting tool that I have ever used--hands down. It splits wood with amazing ease, it's well built, it only cost $45, and it has a lifetime warranty from a top-notch company well known for their excellent customer service/

    The exchange rate has NOTHING to do with your high price!!! Fiskars axes are made in FINLAND, from FINNISH STEEL, made by FINNISH WORKERS who are paid in FINNISH WAGES. Fiskars then boxes up their axes, pays to ship them to the US, pays import duty on them and then wholesales them to retail stores for (I'm guessing) about $30-35 US---and, they make money doing it!!!!! Your axes are made in Finland by Finnish workers, and yet they cost six times as much!!!

    No Heikki, the price is set by YOU, so it is something you can change--if you wanted to. You say your axes are "handmade" but the reality is that you probably have someone make the wood handles for you (costing maybe $10-$15 per handle) and then you paid someone to create the mold for your axe head, and then you pay them to cast it for you (or maybe your axe heads are machined--I don't know for sure) and then maybe you stick the axe handle into the head and pound in the wedge, but it's not like you're out there on a grinding wheel hand-fabricating each axe head.............

    Well, I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want to talk about the price of your $300+ axe.................................

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    Gentlemen (and women) - As Heikki has already stated, if this isn't for you so be it, it is an option. If you cannot justify the price, then walk away.

    BUT, it is his product, HE dictates the selling price and reaps the rewards or failures in doing so. As long as he is not misrepresenting the item, and has Craigs blessings for this post, lets keep it on the friendly side.
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    I'll close the post....any info is here to be had.....

    In general we do not allow commercial advertisements and offers in the forums posts themselves...however, I have no problem making exception for introduction of a product like this from a small biz, etc........
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