Millivolt Thermostat for Pellet Stove

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May 2, 2023
New Hampshire
Is anyone aware of a wired milli-volt thermostat with a wide temperature variance. I have a Breckwell pellet stove that allows a room thermostat to be wire into the control panel. The control panel has three settings for operation :
1. Manual -- Just a simple on/off button
2. Hi/Low -- when the thermostat calls for heat, the stove runs on a higher setting and when the thermostat is satisfied, the stove runs at a lower level until more heat is needed.
3. On/Off -- when the thermostat calls for heat, the stove turns on. When the thermostat is satisfied, the stove shuts down.

The On/Off setting is used in early fall and late spring when all you need is a short run time to take the chill out. My problem is the cycle time is too short. I am looking for a thermostat that will heat to a couple of degrees higher than the setting before shutting down and then wait for the temp to drop a couple of degrees below the setting before re-starting. The thermostats I've tried have such a tight variance, the stove is continuously starting and stopping, resulting in significant wear and tear on the igniter.
continuously starting and stopping, resulting in significant wear and tear on the igniter.
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That is why I never use the on/off setting
The high low works for me as the low burn is enough to keep the stat satisfied
on fall and spring days without getting the house to warm
Now someone will chime in saying that is a sure way to get creosote
In 22 years have never had any but only burn the best heartwood pellets (Cubix)
My Son (HVAC Teck) says you can get a millivolt stat with adjustable swing settings of up to 3 or 4::C
I use Lux DMH110 thermostats on my stoves. I don't adjust the swing settings, but the ability is there via jumper. The swing that they come set to seems to be about 1.5* below to 1.5* above. But they show they have a wider setting.

Also, if you place the thermostat away from the heat source (I have mine in my office instead of the room that the P43 is in), then the run time is smoothed out. Since I spend 10-13 hours in my office each day, that is the room I want most comfortable / at a more constant temp anyway.

And finally, I love the "set" butteon which will reduce the set temp to 5* below the normal setting. That way I don't have to fiddle with on/off switches if for some reason I don't want the stove firing (like the sun is really shining and will warm up the house soon, or when I am lavoring away so the 69* seems too warm at the time).
I have been using a SkyTech 3301, I have it set at 2° offset. I think it has a 1-3° setting. So at 70 it turns on at 68 and off at 72 usually until the stove cools the temp runs up and another few degrees.
They have programmables also. What I use has a wireless remote and the receiver is hooked to the stove.