Missing the fire with F3500 catalytic stove?

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Sep 28, 2021
Stove seems to be running well but nothing really to compare it with as I have only used a secondary stove in the past.
With the gasket replaced and damper fully shut the stove top is hovering around 480, flue 550-600. No sign of fire inside and catalyst glowing brightly.

I have read pages where people are getting much lower flue temps with catalytic stoves.

Don't need heat much heat now but curious to see what its like when I want/need to run it hotter.

I miss sitting down feet up and just watching the fire. lol
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If you want flames just turn it up! My cat stove is flaming right now. My actual flue temperatures are very often near 600. Low cruise after settling down from startup hover around 400.

Flue temps rise and efficiency falls a little when you have to occasionally run them harder.
I would now say Secondary vr Catalytic is similar to how Gas furnace is to a heat pump.

Hot and fast compared to low and slow. BTU output is the same just spead out over time.
Running it half open tonight to put out a bit more heat. Nice to see hybrid in action. Secondaries burning and rest is taken care of with catalyst. Nice to know I can turn it up when needed.

Right now I'm 500F stove top and 620F flue.
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