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New Member
Jan 10, 2023
Johnsonville NY
We just moved into a home with a wood stove in the finished basement. The stove is used to heat a 500 SQ ft room with a concrete floor which has radiant heat that I'm hoping not to use. There is a backless open tread staircase with a large opening for the stairs that should allow heat upstairs easily. The pipe has a 90° bend leading to a straight external class a chimney pipe. I'd like a VERY SIMPLE stove capable of keeping the basement room and living room at the top of the stairs warm. These are my options locally and as I'm not familiar with modern stoves any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.

Regency F2500
Empire gateway 2300
Iron Striker Grandview 230GL
Green Mountain 60
Quadrafire 4300
Most important advice is to get your wood at least a year before you use the stove.
The Regency 2500 and the Green Mountain 60 are a bit more complex catalytic hybrids. The Regency F2450 would be a better choice.

You can order some stoves like Drolet, direct from the company. The Drolet Escape 1800 is the value twin of the Empire Gateway 2300 and Osburn 2000. They have the same parent company, SBI, but if you want to get it from the dealer, that's fine. It's a good basic stove.