Modified Turbs Decrease Flue Temp and.......

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Dec 29, 2015
Burlington, CT
Some of you may recall a discussion around high flue temp (appreciate everyone's help back then). I have never been able to wrap my arms around what is causing it but everything worked fine just had flue temp that ran a little high (about 395 after cleaning up to around 500 just before I clean them again at 200 hours of use). I had been discussing this with the manufacturer and they sent me over some modified turbs with some pipe added to slow down the air(see photo). I installed them yesterday and it looks like they dropped my flue temp by about 20 - 25 degrees.

Originally I was going to try to monitor the BTU gain as a result of the slower burn but the folks in Sweden expected the gain to be less than 1% and challenging to try to quantify so I didn't bother. Interestingly I think I got a whole lot more gain than anyone anticipated. I started a fire at a tank temp that usually can easily take a fully loaded fire (with room to spare) but yesterday my tanks ended at pretty much max capacity, it is even possible that my boiler went into an idle mode but I was outside and would not have noticed. If I had to guess I would say temp at the top was 10 degrees higher and bottom was substantially more than that (I have a sensor at the very bottom that shows on a different screen on my boiler and honestly I never pay attention to that one). I realize there are a lot of variables: starting tank temp, weight of load put in boiler, actual demand during burn, etc. but having used this setup for the last few years plus having burned for a month already from the same wood pile - I am pretty sure of the result.

I will leave the analysis to the engineers on the forum, from a Sales guy perspective they seem to provide value. I just figured I would share the info in hopes it may benefit someone out there.



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