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QandA Posted By QandA, May 23, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    I am doing a home remodel. The existing masonry woodburning fireplace, facing living room, is on a raised hearth. The fireplace backs up to a wall, on the other side of which we will locate our new dining room.

    My question is this: we are trying to see if we can open up the back of the fireplace VISUALLY ONLY. We saw something like this at a ski resort...the rear was a sealed glass insert...there was no access to the firebox from the back side. The wood was retained away from the glass with a custom wrought iron grid of some type. We would love to try this! We think it would be a very special look!

    Those we have contacted so far are pessimistic about the reality of doing this...the issues being the heat on the glass and the need to increase the flu size.


    Pat, I see no big problem with doing something of this sort if the masonry could properly be supported...which I think is can. You'd then want to use the high temp stove glass (NOT tempered glass) and mount it in such a way that it could be gasketed for expansion and easily removable. Some companies, such as Country Flame at http://www.countryflame.com, make fireplace glass doors which airtight and use the high temp glass. These may work for your situation.

    A good grate would be important so that the wood did not rest against the rear glass. A proper grate might also position the wood so that less smoke might hit the glass and dirty it.

    Link: Country Flame
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