Moisture meter help

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May 10, 2018
Cincinnati, OH
Recently posted about something else and figured my wood isn't dry enough. Ended up buying a moisture meter, went out to my stack and tested a bunch of pieces. To my surprise I didn't find anything above 20%. I think the highest was 16 and most was between 10-12 or so.

Am I doing it wrong? Is it a bad meter? Or, maybe wet wood wasn't the biggest cause for my issues?



Minister of Fire
Jan 13, 2015
How are you testing at the wood pile? Procedure?


Jul 27, 2020
Kitsap County, WA
Also, bring the wood inside (overnight) to let it come up to room temperature before splitting and testing. Put the pins in parallel with the grain.
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Burning Hunk
Jan 17, 2019
Eastern CT
Also, dig the pins into the wood a bit. I find if I just touch the surface I get a much lower reading than if I dig the pins in a good quarter inch.


Minister of Fire
Nov 17, 2019
Long Island NY
It's actually great you started a thread with this title. A lot of people will find it this way, and right in the first few posts get all the info they need. So thank you!

One more remark: press the pins in as far as you can. Just touching gives a high contact resistance, leading to measurements that are too low. You can even use an appropriately sized drill to make some holes about 3/4 of the pin length deep and the stick the moisture meter in. Of course that won't be what you always do, but in some dedicated mc measuring exercise, this gives best data.

Also, take a few measurements, and likely the highest is the closest to reality. (It's easy to accidentally measure too low, but hard to accidentally measure too high )


Minister of Fire
Nov 17, 2019
Long Island NY
Hm. I just repeated what tabner said. I type too slow on my phone....