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Linesider Posted By Linesider, Nov 23, 2009 at 1:24 AM

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    Been seeing alot of these posts and have seen quite a few on this web site. I got a couple laughs at this guy giving it back to the people making comments to him.

    Date: 2009-11-19, 8:06PM EST
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    I have many trees that can be cut down for firewood. Several are either too large or too close to the house to come down with a chainsaw only. If you own or work for a tree cutting company & have access to a bucket truck or tree climbing equipment - that would work best.
    You can keep all the wood (to use or sell) & dispose of the brush in my woods. I have about 2 acres of woods. Cut one or all.

    I have received some derogatory comments from readers acting like I'm taking something for nothing. Keep your comments to yourself. I currently have one couple that is getting their next year's wood supply off my property. They come with their chainsaw & cut down the trees that are away from the house. They don't have woods of their own & they heat their home exclusively by burning wood. They are grateful to not have to pay for their wood & are willing to do the work to save themselves the money.
    So for those of you like JAMES & PHIL, move on. This posting isn't for you - you clearly want something for nothing. :)
  2. ohio woodburner

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    I'm thinking this guy seems like a pretty straight shooter. If i seen a posting like that i'd jump on it. Two acres of free wood? Heck ya. Sure there's some by his house, just stay away from them. I've seen alot worse postings on CL
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