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    I have a fireplace which was once a standard configuration but at some point the firebox was broken through to create a see-through fireplace between a living room and an enclosed porch. This fireplace has one flue (sp?) and as you can guess I have a smoke problem. The only way I can have a fire in the fireplace is to keep both sets of glass doors closed which allows me to see the fire but I do not get a great deal of heat.Do you have any suggestions or can you recommend any products which would allow me to use this fireplace as a heating device?


    You have a couple options
    1. Install a wood or gas burning fireplace insert in one side- and keep the other side closed off with glass doors. The insert would be connected direct to the chimney flue.
    2. Extend the Chimney - you can extend the chimney taller using masonry, a clay chimney pot or the new lightweight metal chimney extenders. A taller chimney will draft better and perhaps help solve your problem.<p>
    Another possibility is to lower the effective height of both sides of the fireplace by having a "smoke guard" made of sheet metal installed up against the steel lintel. This will lower the amount of draft needed to clear the opening of smoke.

    Link: ExtendaFlue Chimney Extensions
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