Morso 5660 Heat Shield and Baffle Placement?

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New Member
Feb 17, 2018
Hi everyone,

Anyone here ever have problems getting the Morso 5660 side heat shields back in correctly after removing the baffle? I just installed a demo model that I bought; chimney sweep and I took off the baffle as the manual directed in order to access the flue collar and hook the unit up to the chimney liner. That part went OK, but I figured I'd put the heat shields in later since it was so simple getting them out. Later when I tried to actually put the shields back in, the side ones would not fit, so I loosened up the baffle bolts and pushed the baffle up higher towards the roof of the stove and then tightened the M8 bolts back down. I actually had to do this process of pushing the baffle up and snugging down the 4 M8's three times before I got the side shields to fit ... even as such the side shields still don't sit all the way back against the rear heat shield at the back of the stove, and frankly I cannot remember whether that gap was there when I bought it or not (said gap is a little over a half inch between the back of the side heat shield and the rear heat shield that covers the back of the stove). Likewise the two bottom heat shield pieces don't seem to cover the entire floor with there being about an inch exposed either at the front near the door or the back, depending on which way you shove the floor shields.

I've checked the manual and searched everywhere, without success, for a photo of the internals to get a better idea if the heat shields are placed correctly ...ditto for how the baffle is supposed to hang (it seems to want to droop down a bit and block the side shields as the 4 M8 Allen head bolts just hold the baffle flush to the back rather than at the proper angle ...though holding the baffle at the right angle and then tightening the M8's gets you most of the way there).

Any information or suggestions would be most welcome - thanks very much.