Mt. Vernon AE Error: Max Drop Tube Temp

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Jul 26, 2008
South Eastern PA
Got this 3 or 4 times today, had it one other time before a few weeks ago... Haven't changed anything in my stove settings since last year. The book says it could be flame height or a cleaning issue, cleaning is tomorrow, but it hasn't had a "thorogh" cleaning in about 2 weeks, but 'cleaned' last week. The only way to clear the error is to unplug it, then plug it back in. Fan is set at normal, heat output is at 4 and the flame hieght is actually at -3 (dealer set it that way on a visit, forget why, but to me it doesn't seem like the "flame hieght is all that different).

Anyway, anyone have any thoughts on this or have seen this before?

As forum member Krooser's signature says, 80% of problems are due to a dirty what it says in the owners manual, which is clean the firebox, heat exchanger, convection blower, firepot and ash pan. In addition, I would remove the combustion blower and clean the air vanes on that also. Make sure all the pipe is clean too.
Well... Today, did a thorogh cleaning of my stove. Blower and all. It wasn't super dirty, but it's been cleaner... However, I've come to find that my cast iron baffle has maybe a 5" crack the whole way through, right up the center above the drop tube. I think that's what's been causing my error, at least I hope. I have it running now for a few hours with no issues, so perhaps it was a combination of a cleaning and this crack. We'll see... Quadrafire since updated this cast baffle piece, but they also offer a lifetime warrenty on them. I will hopefully have my new baffle early this week sometime. The stove tech (my buddy) said I shouldn't have an issue if I keep burning it...
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