Mt Vernon AE insert-"Bad TC Drop Tube" error message..followed trblshooting guide and stove still will not proceed past the error code...ugh!!

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New Member
Jan 14, 2023
Wantage NJ
Message:**hello all...have been following this forum for a couple weeks now in hopes of an answer to my quadra fire insert woes.... i am at a complete loss on where to go from mt. vernon quadra fire ae insert throws a bad TC drop tube....ive read some previous threads and followed as best i could on the troubleshooting sequence and still have the same code appearing...please let me bring you up to speed lol...the stove will not even get to a point where it starts its normal startup immediately goes to bad tc drop tube...i have already replaced both the tc drop tube and firepot tc... along with a new snap disc#3(which i found the terminals to be somewhat charred...fixed them and tested for positive continuity) and with following the troubleshooting guide as per the manual and long nights surfing these forums i then replaced the convection blower...(same result)...and the last step to replace the entire board...ugh!!..and still the same code immediately do i tell if the snap disc switch is tripped or not?....and does it matter which way the wires connect to the snap disc???.so hard to tell and its a little different then what it replaced??..also heard about maybe jumping the stat but im not sure how on this stove???...convection wiring harness???...vacuum switch??..auger feed maybe??....ignition coil??..the possibilities are endless i feel....although i cant see any of those being the culprit since it never even gets to that stage..bought the stove 3 years ago used and it has worked flawlessly up until now so to say its frustrating is an understatement...thanks in advance for any help