My weed eater ate its last weed.

Gasifier Posted By Gasifier, Sep 17, 2013 at 9:15 AM

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  1. Gasifier

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    Apr 25, 2011
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    I used my Stihl weed eater on two properties and was pretty rough on it. Turned out I had messed the shaft up on it and it was going to cost a lot to fix it. It didn't make sense to put that much into it when I could buy a heavier duty straight shaft model. Well I also had been wanting a pole saw as well. So I decided to go with one of these. Worked some overtime over the last month so that helped pay for it. Thank god for that, otherwise I would have had to remove my arm and leave it there for down payment! It will take a lot of different attachments, but for now I went with the weed eater and pole saw. The pole saw works great! I got a lot of trimming of branches and brush done already. Well, works great when you don't dull the blade on those rocks anyway! Stihl Kombisystem.

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  2. Jags

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    I love the machines that can take attachments. I don't have a Stihl, but I do have another multitasker. This type of application only makes sense in my world. As a weed whip, it would only get a handful of hours on it per year. With the other attachments it is utilized much more.
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  3. Halligan

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    I have the Stihl like you. I have the weed whacker, hedge trimmer, edger, pole saw, and cultivator. I've used them all countless times. My power head is the KM85 and it's getting hard to start but it's over ten years old. It probably needs a carb rebuild.
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