"You got to fix your saw", "your chips are too big"

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May 22, 2010
Utah & NJ
I cut down a 14"-16" Dia. Aspen for my neighbor in Utah. Then trimmed off the branches and bucked up the rest. It was on his lawn. After i bucked it, i had to run and left it for him to split and stack.

The next day he comes over and says "Hey you got to fix your saw". The saw (MS 250) ran great and ripped thru the whole tree in less than 10 minutes so i knew it was fine. He then continued "I tried to blow the chips out of the lawn but they were to big and wouldn't budge".

Haaa yeah when you are used to running dull chains and electric saws you get used to easy blowing dusty chips i guess.

Well yeah he was kidding but he had a Husky before the electric toro so i guess he never knew a good saw with a sharp chain.
I think there is a point where the chips are too big, like having zero raker height. But yes, usually people with their little saws and safety chains are not familiar with what a full size saw can do.
If he had a husky he knew a good saw. Maybe not a sharp chain though.
Haa yeah, was just talking some smack about the Huskys for fun.
Yes his file was as dull as dirt. He thought they lasted forever. When i talked him into getting a new file he was amazed that the metal was visibly flying off the chain. Now he does know what a sharp file does and what a dull file does not do.

He also got a new x chain and it was night and day difference from his old dull chain.

But he loves his toro so we will see how much the husky sits on his shelf.