Mystery wood stove

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New Member
Dec 2, 2023
Hello all! I'm needing help with the model and serial number on my wood stove. I know very little of wood stoves and I'm trying my best. The motor for our blower burnt out and we can't order a new one without the numbers. I've looked all over this thing and can't find it. Any help is appreciated. I have attached photos of the stove, and the tag I can find on it. The pull on it says "Forester" but that's the only writing on it.i do know that it was made 9/18/85. Thank you.

IMG_20231202_143423506.jpg IMG_20231202_143600914.jpg IMG_20231202_143434443_HDR.jpg
It looks like an old stove from the 70s. Actually, it looks more like an insert than a freestanding wood stove. Is there a UL label on the back of the stove? If not, it is considered unlisted and needs 36" clearance from all combustibles. If it is an insert, it can not be used as shown. It will put out too much heat underneath.

The blower is most likely fairly generic. Measure it up and compare with stock motors from Graingers or similar suppliers.

The flue connection on the stove is using galvanized metal. That is not permitted and can emit toxic fumes. It needs to be connected with proper stove pipe.