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    Mystery wood stove

    Hello all! I'm needing help with the model and serial number on my wood stove. I know very little of wood stoves and I'm trying my best. The motor for our blower burnt out and we can't order a new one without the numbers. I've looked all over this thing and can't find it. Any help is...
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    USSC King Overflows - Solved!

    TL;DR There's a redesigned burn pot for USSC stoves that solves pellet buildup. Search the web for "king burn pot", and get the one with the slot cut in the front. (Models: 5510, 5500M, 5502M, 5500XL, 5500XLT) Problem: Pellet Buildup I've been fighting pellet buildup in my USSC 5510 for a year...
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    USSC 6039 question

    Hello. I’m new to the pellet world. Locally here in PA I found someone selling a USSC 6309 made in 2006. He bought it, said he cleaned it, went over it and ran it for a day with no problems. This was going to go in my basement. I have a few questions. Is this a good pellet stove to acquire, how...
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    Venting Help

    Hopefully someone can here can help me I recently moved into my first house, and with it came a USSC 6041HF I was so excited to have a pellet stove, since the other option is a propane furnace, and I really don't want to pay to run that all winter long The problem is the pellet stove doesn't...
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    USSC King 8500 not producing heat

    Stove is hooked up and running but no matter what Heat setting, it is not warming up the house. HL1 is set to 2.15pph HL5 is set to 7.5pph We took the duct off right above the furnace to see if there was an issue because i noticed even the air coming from register vents wasn't very warm. Even...
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    Ussc 6039 agitator question

    Hi guys, new stove owner here. Bought a new house, stove came with the house. Ive mostly figured this thing out, but I'm having problems with the agitator. It stopped working yesterday, so today I opened up to find that the "pin", or rather bent nail, had broken. So no big deal, new bent nail in...
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    Thinking of buying a ussc 5510 pellet stove but have questions

    Greetings all. I am looking for some help.. I have been searching for a pellet stove to heat my barns tack room.. I have been looking used as I can't afford a new stove at this time and wanted to get use to and learn before putting large dollars into one. Have a opportunity to buy a USSC 5510...
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    USSC 5502M Draft issue

    Hi, all! Got our 5502M last year and used it all winter with no issues. We relocated it this year and it worked fine for a week or so, but now it's having issues. I ran the diagnostics/initial test and everything worked as described except the exhaust fan output test. The display showed...