Napoleon 1900P owners: Temp Question

trog04 Posted By trog04, Dec 13, 2012 at 9:26 AM

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    So I put in the 1900P and have the inaccurate Rutland stovetop thermometer. My question is where do you pros place your thermometer/ measure your temps (IR)? I put my thermometer under the "decorative" trivet and seem to get a decent-ish reading, but it is about 100* low compared to an IR that only goes to 590*.

    I did notice the front lip on the stove above the door shows temps similar to under the trivet.

    I'm planning on getting a better IR and possibly a new stovetop thermometer, and I would like to know the best place to put it and where to measure the temps. The manual talks about the thermometer, but not where to put it.
    Last question, what would you consider an overfire for this stove? In the manual it says that 30-40 hours of hot fires, in excess of 500-600* would be needed to fully cure the stove and get the best efficiency, but it never mentions an overfire temp, just don't overfire it. The other day the Rutland showed about 750*, which I know wasn't very accurate. The stove didn't glow at all except for the edges of a few of the fiber baffles (seemed like from the secondaries), and it seemed to cruise just fine. I kept a very close eye on it and even though I was worried, nothing out of the ordinary came up.

    Thanks for any help.
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    That sounds like a good location for the thermometer. Keep the stove top with a normal cruising temp of around 650F and a peak under 750F and you should be fine.

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