Napoleon wood insert

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Jan 30, 2024
Need help with where to get replacement blowers and starter kit for Napoleon wood insert. I have looked extensively online. Blower is a QLN65/0018 A59. Not sure if it is a model 1402? I purchased a blower kit online that was supposed to be compatible but it didn't fit. The one I need is on the right side in the pic. Help please!

Napoleon wood insert Napoleon wood insert
I see the part listed in the1402 manual as GZ552. It's available here:
Thank you! The website was very helpful. I looked at the inside of the panel and the Model is actually 1401 not 1402. I was not able to pull anything up for 1401. Do you know if it is the same? And P.S. I grew up in the Puget Sound area. Gorgeous!
This site has multi-angled views of the OEM blower.

Without having the blower in hand I am wondering if the stock replacement blower does not come with the mounting base and nose shroud that your blower has pictured. If so, those pieces may need to be taken off the old blower and mounted the same way on the new replacement blower.

Napoleon wood insert
Back of the panel has EPA 030032 Dec 8/05
Sounds like that may be before WH030499. The manual I downloaded was for 10/2006.
I can certainly remove the mounting base and nose shroud from the old blowers and install them on the new ones.
Well I guess I can just take a chance and order the parts and return them if they don't work. I appreciate your help!
I found an 11/2005 manual but it doesn't list the part number for the 1401 blower.
I really want to keep this wood insert. It is a good unit. Where else can I find parts? I need the speed control and thermal switch also. Is there a kit with the blower? Does the GZ552 blower come with a kit? Like the GZ550. I wonder if the GZ550 could be modified to work with my Dec 2005 insert.
Yes, they come in kits, designed for their freestanding stoves in which the speed controller is mounted on the fan housing enclosure. Thermal snap disks are generic. One just needs to match the temperature range, case style, and connectors.