Natural Gas Fireplace Shuts Off


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Oct 14, 2019
After turning on my fireplace (from summer hibernation), it won't stay on. The pilot turns on without issue and stays on. However, when turning on the burners it only stays lit for about 10 seconds or so. After some searching I learned the thermocouple or the thermopile (fireplace uses both) might be dirty, so I cleaned as recommended. Still, burners will not stay on. I removed the front cover and removed the "wood", exposing the burners. I then proceeded to turn on the fireplace, and to my surprise, it stayed on...but without the front glass cover!! This is what my fireplace looks like. I can't find the model anywhere.

Any ideas? It's never done this in the 2 winters i've used it.


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Sounds like there is an obstruction in your venting.
Could be a bird's nest or a bee hive, or the venting
has come apart at one or more joints & the exhaust
gas is mixing with the combustion air...


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Aug 31, 2018
ewalls' looks like my Harman DV 929. Mine is setup on propane and is free standing. Also information sticker is on the back right hand bottom corner. Hopes this helps a little....Don