need a source for a tri-axle load

pcooper302 Posted By pcooper302, Feb 1, 2012 at 12:02 AM

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    Hey guys long time viewer, first time poster. I have learned a lot from this site but the only thing i am having trouble with is find a load of logs. I am in northern Delaware. I would like to secure a load at the minimum 1 or 2 times a year. I have been doing good scrounging but there just never seems to be enough time and id like to get ahead and keep adding to that each year. Plus the idea of doing all the bucking and splitting in the yard and not having to figure out how to get the wood there would be great. So if anyone can help me with info on any company or any body that will deliver a tri-axle load of logs to northern Delaware would be greatly appreciated. Another thing, can anyone vouch for one of these rebuilt 346xp's that NMURPH has the deal on..I am very interested in looking into this as i am in need of a 50cc saw but dont want to fork out a lot of dough. Thanks again to all you guys for the knowledge you put out.

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    Hi & welcome to the forum!!! I can find Delaware on the map, but beyond that no real help with the log load. 346 XP is a nice saw, & I wouldn't be afraid of a refurb/reman at all. The only drawback is that's not a lot of cc's for bucking imo. Depends on how big your logs are & what type of wood, as well as your preferences. I like a saw that size for limbing & small wood, 8" or less. Anything bigger & I want 70+cc, but that's just a personal preference. Have fun here, & somebody that actually knows something should be along shortly. A C

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