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    Our local code requires that the hearth extender be sealed to the hearth with stove gasket and stove cement. Two questions: Our stove vendor gave us self-adhesive flat gasket material that is at least 3/8" wide but not very thick from front to back (perhaps less than 1/4"). Our inspector said we could use flat or rope gasket material 1/4" to 3/8". Does the rope type at 3/8" have a higher rating than the flat type at 3/8"? Also we bought stove cement that says stove heat completes the curing. Does that mean if you use it in a hearth situation that it won't properly cure or will it just take a little longer to cure. (Just for reference purposes, I was the person who wrote about appealing the inspector's request to remove the carpet from under the hearth extender. I talked to the building commissioner in town, but no go. we have to remove the carpet.). Thank you for your help.


    Joyce, none of this stuff will come into play, because the temperatures that you reach will NEVER be anywhere near the rated temperatures of the materials. All the gaskets have a rating of 1000 degree plus, a temperature at which steel would glow red ! Don't worry about the curing...it'll work fine....If you want it to stick well, use silicone...
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