Need help choosing a stove


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Feb 24, 2019
Milford PA
hi everyone,
Looking for a new pellet stove to replace my tired, under powered and unloved Pdv25 englander
Have been pondering at a harman P43 or a quadrafire. Looking for longevity, and frequent use as i primarily heat with pellet in the north eastern PA region. Seems like everytime i do a search of “best pellet stoves” only a certajn few brands come up...comfortbilt, us stove, pelpro, pleasant hearth. While i am not knocking any of them and maybe they are really great bang for the buck. Why is it that you can get into one of those for 2,000 but cant get into a decent harman or quadrafire for under 4,000
I know it all comes down to the dollar signs, the look and specific home details to choose the right stove. Just looking to see what other brands are out there that have a long lasting company backing...


Nov 5, 2011
Kananaskis,Alberta, Canada
Harman is arguably the best, and you can't go wrong with Quadrafire either. A P43 wont leave you disappointed, great heat, easy to clean and great looks.


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Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
There are lots of good stoves out there . I like Enviro long lasting
dependable but like all better than average stoves come with a price
I biggest thing to remember is to buy the stove your wife likes!!


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Oct 10, 2009
Two great dependable stoves besides the P43 come to mind the Enviro Meridian or Quadrafire CB1200, both are great stoves, like can't go wrong stoves. Lots others too, but those are my favs. Keep warm.