Need help compare two propane fireplace inserts

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New Member
Jul 12, 2023
Hudson Valley NY
Hi, I’m new to this forum and the topic of propane insert for a fireplace. I’m replacing a Quad Fire wood stove insert with a propane gas insert in a heatilator fireplace. The two possible propane inserts are the Kozy Heat Chaska 29 MV or the Heat and Glo Escape 30 FB. The Kozy Heat is approximately $3,000 and the Heat and Glo is approximately $6,000.

I assumed these are comparable inserts, but I might be wrong. Would someone help me understand why such a price difference? Is the price difference worth it?

Thank you.
Hello- both are very nice units. When HHT bought Quadrafire years and years ago, their prices went up quick. HHT owns Heat and Glo, Heatilator, Harman pellet, they are a big player in hearth. Along with the fact of all MFRs prices have went up over the past few years, Kozy Heat is still among the lower cost MFRs. They are American, out of Lakefield MN. We are a Kozy Dealer, I love the Chaska series. 3000 sounds low to me, but maybe its just the insert? A black front, brick liner inside comes in around 3800 I thought. Anyway, have sold them for years, they are a solid unit, especially the Chaska 34. But for a mid-size heater, the 29 is a great heater. The HNG unit is nice too, its just more costly.
Hi, Thanks for the information. You are right about the cost of the Chaska - it was for the insert alone. There is also a difference between the two units viewing area - the Heat and Glo is larger. The H&G BTU's is greater also. Those differences account for some of the additional cost and a consideration on my part.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
Hey. Went and looked at it again, that is the Heat N Glo firebrick unit, did not see that the first glance. The firebrick option is really good it makes the unit a much more potent heater, at a price of course. If heat is the main goal, the HNG will work well for you. Stay warm.