need help,Whitfield profile 30

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Feb 10, 2016
Pasadena, Maryland
I have a Whitfield profile 30. I have two problems. First sometimes my auger won't stop feeding pellets other times it won't feed pellets. Second I smell smoke coming from the air coming out the heat pipes. I've changed all my gaskets.

Lake Girl

Nov 12, 2011
NW Ontario
Welcome to the forum! Have you cleaned out all the internal exhaust pathways and venting?

With the pellet feed/not feeding, start by troubleshooting your photo eye. My internet is giving me grief today otherwise I would search for the thread and post but I know we had a similar problem recently ... photo eye can be replaced with a low limit or proof of fire snap disc that appears to be more reliable. Use the search box top right ... keep us posted!
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