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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 16, 2007 at 4:37 AM

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    My wood stove is located in a two story room. I have a vertical run of stove pipe approximately 14 feet to the ceiling. Every time I light a fire I observe the black stove pipe begin to expand from the heat an slightly bow. The 14 feet is made up of 6 two foot sections and 2 one foot sections. The stove pipe is 24 gauge snap lock type. Each connection is secured by six sheet metal screws. The very top section is also secured to the slip with sheet metal screws. I was wondering if a removed the sheet metal screws from the pipe section over the slip if this would stop the pipe from bending by allowing it to slide upwards over the slip when it expands from the heat.


    Yes, the slip coupling should allow for that. As long as your stovepipe extends a few inches onto the slip connector, you should be OK with removing those screws.

    It is usually not good practice to have more than 8-10 feet of single wall stove pipe. One solution is to drop the insulated pipe further into the room to connect...another is to use some of the specially designed double-wall interior pipes to connect to the stove.
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