Need information on what Pellet Stove I should go for!

Crowleyyy Posted By Crowleyyy, Jun 29, 2008 at 6:52 PM

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  1. Crowleyyy

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    Jun 29, 2008
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    Hello, I have a few questions I was hoping the users on here could address for me! My Mum is going to be getting a pellet stove here pretty soon and she has talked to couple of places. They were suggesting a Mt. Vernon stove. First one was an AE Insert, my Mother did not like that and is dead set against an insert. So they suggested a regular Mt. Vernon Pellet stove. I saw some information in regards to a Napoleon NPS40 Pellet stove. It was a whole lot cheaper, the Mt. Vernon was approximately $5,000.00 for installation and everything. I just don't want her to be overpriced.

    I also saw some videos on youtube with a guy going over the features on the Napoleon NPS40. It seemed very safe, innovative and clean. Thus, I really liked that choice. Unfortunately, I am very ignorant towards this alternative fuel, I know nothing about it. So, I was hoping someone could give me a run down on stove choices, price ranges and ultimately, the biggest concern, safety. Also, what would happen during a power outage? I heard something about it not working during a power outage. Does this have to have electricity to run? If so, does the battery pack automatically take over when the power goes out? Also, does the pellet stove thermostat regulate heat as well as other heat sources?

    I know that pellet stoves release a poisonous gas, carbon monoxide. I don't think that it will be that big of a problem, especially with detectors.

    So any information would be greatly appreciated, please and thank you's! =)
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    I saw that video. The stove looked good but i couldn`t find any info or reviews on it myself.
    Nicely priced at $1826 too.
    Here`s an authorized dealer (below) on Craigslist who has them for $1699

    Good Luck,
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    Date: 2008-06-10, 5:47PM EDT

    We are authorized Napoleon Dealers
    Brand new in box, plenty in stock. Price includes the black door. Venting and hearthpads also available. Locally provided warranty

    Pellet Stove NPS40 Accessories Specifications

    Full BTU range from 8,000 to 43,000 (may vary depending on pellet quality)
    Convenient top, front pellet loading for easy fueling
    Automatic ignitor
    Variable speed auger and variable speed blower provide maximum comfort and control
    Heavy-duty, 1/8” thick, seamless heat exchange tubes radiate heat into the room even after the stove is shut down
    High velocity and strategically positioned burn pot features aerodynamic pellet distribution creating full, active YELLOW DANCING FLAMES™
    Four stage FAILSAFE™ system for your peace of mind, featuring an automatic blower over-ride switch, high temperature limit switch, low air pressure switch and power failure safety shut down
    Easy push open access control panel
    Hinged door for convenient access to combustion chamber for routine maintenance... no tools required!
    Handy burn pot removal tool/rake
    Built-in heat exchange cleaner rod maintains cleanliness and efficiency of heat exchange tubes
    Extra large capacity ash pan for convenient, easy ash removal and maintenance
    Zone heating home furnace
    Clean glass air wash system
    President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Location: north syracuse
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