Need part for Dell Point Europa 75

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New Member
Jan 24, 2024
Hollywood, MD
Hey all, I am looking for a lovejoy coupler for my Dell Point Europa 75. Since the guy that developed the stove died, it seems parts are no longer available. Does anyone have a place to get their parts? A phone number would be great or a company name. I called my go-to people, Nature’s Heat in WI and they don’t have anymore.
Hello, Just wondering if you found somewhere to purchase parts for your Europa 75? I need a flywheel for the combustion fan, located in Ontario, Canada.
Yes, my usual go to for parts is Natures Heat. Their email is [email protected], phone number is (608) 565-2676, Mike and Barb are the owners.
Also in Canada is the owner of them and parts is Maxime LaPoint (514) 419-9877.
im not sure if his name spelling is correct or not. He speaks very heavy French but also speaks English.